New Web Series – Code ICE, preserving brain, saving lives

When I first thought of the concept of Code STEMI the idea was pretty simple.  get together some of the brightest minds of the 12 lead world and develop content that was personal, people could relate and tell their story.  I am happy to say that I couldn’t be any more happy with what I experienced traveling around the country learning how different cities and even states are handling cardiovascular emergencies.  It actually makes me realize just how much isn’t known or shared among the first responder community when it comes to how to implement this type of system for our community, but I digress.

Code ICE takes the 60 year old science of cooling a patient when they have gone into cardiac arrest and slowly warm them after pulses have been brought back.  Therapeutic Hypothermia is helping thousands of patients improve their quality of life and the lives of those around them.  The reason for this is that our brains require more oxygen that any organ in the body and if metabolically we can slow the demand for oxygen we can decrease neurologic damage.  It is a simple process, but there are a l0t of ways of going about this and there are of plenty progressive systems out there at the forefront trying to do what is best for their communities.  We are going to tell this story, not just the science, but the actual stories of first responders, survivors and why this will help improve lives for all who come back after cardiac arrest.

In season one of Code ICE we will be traveling to multiple EMS systems and Hospitals gain a valuable perspective into the world of Therapeutic Hypothermia and what is has done for patients.

This requires the right partnership and we want to make sure the right sponsor understands our formula here.  We are not looking for 20 sponsors to pull off the production, we are looking for one.  The one healthcare oriented organization that shares the same philosophy about helping increase awareness about Therapeutic Hypothermia and the impact it can have on patients.  If you are interested in learning how to get involved contact me directly.





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