National EMS Memorial coming June 23 to Colorado Springs

 NEMSMS honors EMTs, paramedics, flight crews, SAR etc that die in the line of duty while performing EMS related duties.

We are always looking for and needing donations (the donations are tax deductible, we are a 501 c 3) Right now we are looking for monies to support the yearly service, as well as funds for the building of the permanent memorial. and

 This year’s service is June 23, at 6 pm in Colorado Springs.  We hope to have it live on the internet as we have the last couple years.

The permanent memorial is currently in the design phase.  We are working with Andy Dufford of Chevo Studios.  He was the artist selected after a nationwide search.  It will be in Memorial Park in the heart of Colorado Springs.

 Other things NEMSMS is doing:

 NEMSMS is working to get all EMS providers, air and ground, added to the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits.  Currently the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvements Act (S. 1696, H.R. 4018) is in congress, this adds non-profit providers.  We are asking Congress to change these bills to include everyone.

·        Contact your Senators and Representatives and ask for this change, encourage all EMS to get involved.

·        If you are a member of the American Ambulance Association, ask them to lobby for all providers, not just non-profit.

·        Contact NAEMT and ask them also to lobby for all providers to be included.


The EMS Line of Duty Death Handbook is always available on line, agencies are encouraged to take a look at it and implement it before the crisis of a line of duty death.

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