FRN and the new site

Many of you may be wondering why FRN is taking on a whole new site change, what is the big deal or why we should spend our time with this.  Well let me first explain my vision.  Way back when we began this adventure it was clear that even great content needed would not be seen by many people if it wasn’t distributed properly.  Even more importantly was the user experience.  I have been to many website where there is great video, but because of the ads and other distracting info on the site it wasn’t a good experience.   I hope a few of you are shaking your heads in agreement, but even if you are not at this point, my sole goal here is to great the best user experience possible along with paying close attention to production standards I have set forth for FRN.  Since it is not enough to make good content you have to have a niche market and understand distribution and user experience as well, we here at FRN will be changing the landscape of how content marketing, education and the video in general is done for the first responder industry.

Now that you have a sense of what we are up to, give me your feedback, I can’t do this with0ut you!




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