EMS 2.0

The term “2.0″ brings to mind backing up all your desktop photos in anticipation of some new version of software you’re using.  It isn’t the same, some buttons have moved, the background is different, but it still does the same things.  EMS 2.0 does the opposite.  We intend to completely change the way the program works while leaving all your favorite features in place, keeping it comfortable.

The term also brings to mind the invention of “Web 2.0″ which signaled the introduction of user based content and the idea of community.  Google, ebay, facebook, twitter, amazon, all these user driven sites thrived when everyone had a chance to put up a picture and leave a comment.  Everyone had a part, felt like one of the community.  So I say take the best of both worlds.


Make EMS into what it needs to be while reaching out to the community for input and solutions. That is EMS 2.0.
The movement is service based, focusing on what can be provided by EMS staff and giving those providers more access to services other than an ER in a hospital as the only option for patients.

EMS 2.0 combines advanced practice paramedic services as well as a number of options for transport, transfer and relocation. This new service revolves around a seamless network of emergent, non-emergent, clinic and community resources working together, not each service struggling to deal with each other’s overload.

Imagine an emergency room that only deals with emergencies. Imagine a clinic that only handles acute, non-emergent cases and a physicians office where people aren’t threatened by large co-pays and 40 day waits to get an appointment.