Interventions is White Paper meets eMagazine an opportunity for us to target specific areas of our industry and ask the tough questions, get direct answers and give an all around perspective that is just not being shared in our industry today.  In the spirit of collaboration all content written or recorded are those of the authors and reflect us as a community.  Videos associated with our content are interviews with first responders, medical directors, administrators, educators, chiefs or anyone that may impact our community and industry.

Welcome to our first three publications which are geared towards EMS providers, the boots on the ground first responders and medical directors.




Editor-In-Chief:  Scott Kier

Layout Editor:  Justin Schorr

Contributors: Paul Bahnik, Cayce Justus, Maddog Medic, Justin Schorr, Patrick Lickiss, Random Ward, Sam Bradley, Scott Kier, James Brasiel

Video Production:  Thaddeus Setla (Camera, Editor), Sam Bradley (Producer)

Photography by: Josh Kennedy