Cast & Crew

First Responders is set out to combine entertainment, education, collaboration and technology to all of our projects we work with and improve healthcare industry. From the field providers to policy makers we are creating programs that will give insight into the industry unlike any production ever has.

This platform was created to provide content that sparks conversations from the provider level of healthcare. It is our hope that these conversations will lead our industry into a new paradigm – we are seeing the shift as EMS 2.0. We are bridging the gap between humanity and technology with key partnerships and collaborations.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or just want to stop by and say hi to the CoEMS team, we are here to make this experience a personal one. CoEMS is comprised of paramedics, firefighters, filmmakers and social media experts that are passionate about this project! Contact us today to learn more about how your company can get involved.

For more information about joining the network or interest in our services contact us today

  • EMS Program Director (North America), Host
  • Justin Schorr, BS-EMS – FF/Paramedic (
  • Phone: (602) MEDIC99
  • Fire Program Manager – Position Open contact if interested in learning more
  • Police Program Manager – Position Open contact if interested in learning more
  • Program Director (Europe), Host
  • Mark Glencorse – Paramedic (
  • Phone: 510.859.FILM
  • Education Services
  • Sam Bradley – Paramedic (
  • Phone: (925) 642-6520