Case Studies

Web Series:  Code STEMI, Saving Time, Saving Lives

Message:  To launch a new brand of content aimed at taking a deeper look into what goes into developing a STEMI system of care, promote STEMI Systems of care and offer resources for both healthcare professionals and the public to gain important and useful information to share.

Methodology:  In conjunction with our Season One sponsor highlight two STEMI Systems of care that would give a broader look into the diverse problems geography, socio-economic, cultural and political barriers play in the adoption of a STEMI System of care.  Dive into the personal stories that made each location a success and where improvements need to be made.

Media Strategy:  Setla Film Production, First Responders Network, the American Heart Association and Physio Control came together to develop the short media (behind the scenes), Blog posts, social media strategy and longer format media strategy. This is a 12 month campaign designed  to improve awareness and support innovators and supporters to come together and make this a standard of care through out the United States.  From pre-production to post our team has enhanced the message and helped rally the first responder community around STEMI knowledge and engagement.


  • Over 1.2 million impressions on twitter with the hashtag #CodeSTEMI in 8 weeks
  • Over 25,000 Unique Visitors to the web site in 8 weeks
  • Over 100k pageviews in 8 weeks