So you have decided to check out what we do and are interested, well for that thank you and let’s start this by saying that we all are experiencing a change in how we relate to each other, how we communicate and how we trust what we hear, products we use and what we individually promote and support.  Videos are great marketing tools for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, people like to watch videos. It’s more entertaining than static text. Videos move and have sound. In short, they often have more personality than an article. This makes it more dynamic and engaging. At First Responders Network we love video, we live to make each production better than the last. We stay up on the latest tools, techniques and tricks to make sure we make any project affordable and worth watching.


ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING: There is nothing better than being on a trusted show with your product or service, look at what Oprah has done.  In a niche industry like us first responders we understand the importance of not telling people what to buy, but bring products or services to the table and talk about needs we have and how certain products fill those needs.  Allowing companies become a part of the conversation with our audience is a key difference in what we do.  We have two original shows on our network as of now with more in pre-production.  Our goals with original programming is to offer a change in how we deliver content to the world.  Whether it is a reality show going to network or a web series talk show focused on topics that impact our industries we have the production capabilities to make each and every documentary, web series, TV series, short film, feature film, commercials, or promotional video meet the stringent demands of our clients and our audience.  With our distribution network and our production capabilities our goals are to give you confidence in helping you decide what production level fits your budget and give you additional distribution throughout the world wide first responder community.  If you have ideas on video projects and would like to consult with us on how to make it happen we can do that as well.  We know production and we know the first responder community.


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING: We have been teaming up with organizations like the San Francisco Paramedic Association, Public Safety Training Group, Las Positas College and more to combine educational based content with quality video production. Our goal here is to create content that is worth watching and visually changes the professional impact education has in the first responder community.

CAMPAIGNS: We began the First Responders Network.tv as a campaign to educate the world about who we are and what we do in the field.  There is nothing more powerful than a series of videos meant to entertain with an educational message behind it.  combine that with the social media outreach of first responders and you have a powerful click-to-action opportunity.   These campaigns are designed with each client individually and we help make the most out of our production and distribution services while leveraging your service or product like no other media company can.

LIVE COVERAGE: We have been going to conferences, events, large scale trainings and have had to opportunity to bring the excitement and energy of the moment to an awaiting online audience.  We can bring roaming cameras to your event, stream live and give perspectives that just can’t be conveyed unless you are there live!  We can scale the operation to meet your needs, so let us know what you are thinking and we can help guide you along the way!

For more information on how we can suport your idea just get in contact with us.